Bespoke, Hand-Drawn Artwork.

The West 57th Clubhouse is releasing a collection of hand-drawn, bespoke avatars on a mission to help elevate crypto-based digital assets.

As founders, growing up in North America in the 90’s and 2000’s, we were drawn in many ways to the big cities of Toronto, New York, and Chicago. We wanted to bring these vibes into our artwork and values into our project. These cities are always on, where anything feels possible, they inspire and humble. They’re home to incredible diversity and extravagant wealth fueled by the world’s largest exchanges where ‘old money’ seems to congregate.

This is why we built our Clubhouse on West 57th – otherwise known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’ – to infiltrate today’s system to do things a better way, our way. Ultimately, the future depends on what we do together, today. We need to cultivate a more inclusive mentality using the tools digital assets provide.

Art As Unique As You Are.

We feel strongly that art should represent and resonate with the community we’re building. Art should stand for something.

We want each NFT to be more than a stake in our business but a stand-alone piece of artistic expression, purchased for the values that West 57th represents and the mission we set out to achieve.

Our NFT collection does not comprise our whole business rather is a showcase of our brand values, and a mechanism to provide our holders with a stake in the revenue our tools generate. We see the future of NFTs being more than just a pretty pfp picture but one that generates rewards and provides ongoing benefits.

Building More Than Art.

We understand that building a strong community is no easy task yet finding the right supporters is critical to success. Our hunch is that those participating in the crypto and NFT space embody many of the characteristics that align well with what we’ve set out to build.

In saying that, we want to make sure that our NFT holders that comprise the DAO benefit from every product, collaboration, and partnership we enter.

All roads lead back to our community.

Striving Toward Ongoing Passive Rewards.

We believe the future of digital-based projects is evolving, specifically NFTs. We see ours as more than a representation of your digital self, but a means of getting involved in the business they’re linked to, akin to an early investor.

Providing holders a piece of art they can resonate with is cool, establishing utility is important but ultimately, we’re working towards a token that generates our holder’s passive rewards.

This is what we will strive to do as we scale each product we launch.