At West 57th Our Mission Is To Build Products To Help You Make The Most Of Your Digital Assets.

To us, this means using your NFT and Cryptocurrency holdings in more ways, more often.

Our first product will allow our members to seamlessly top-up our West 57th payment card (via Phantom) before transacting at millions of merchants in-store and online while earning rewards for doing so.

We will be releasing information on the products and tools we’re building on our website and within Discord. Our roadmap wasn’t slapped together on a whim. It’s been carefully curated by our team drawing on years of experience in traditional finance, fintech, and the payments space. We recognize there is a clear gap in the market that our products are positioned to fill using blockchain technology as the foundation alongside our existing web 2 partnerships.

In order to do so, we’ll need to pair our team’s expertise and technology with a strong community. We’ve set out to build our “Clubhouse NFT Collection” in such a way that it can bridge this gap by providing holders a share of revenue and exclusive perks with each of the products we create.

Our NFT collection does not comprise our whole business rather is a showcase of our brand values and a mechanism to provide our holders with a stake in the revenue our products generate. We see the future of NFTs being more than just a pretty pfp picture but one that generates income.


The West 57th Clubhouse Strives To Build An Inclusive Community Built Around “We”.

The game’s not always fair.
At times it can feel rigged,
But at least we’re playing.

Good things often take time.
But if you’re on the right track,
Enjoy the ride.

Collectively our voices are loudest.
Let’s build as one,
To make the most of tomorrow.

Life is what we make of it.
Together or seperate,
We prefer together.

Around here, we stick together.